Xandria Noir

Brought to the world in Karachi in 1972 and raised with typical religious values by a traditional family, I found myself in existential crisis before I even turned a teen. Life was never an aromatic cup of herbal tea since then and I still find myself with a question mark in my head. I might have broken the laws of society and religion but I have adhered to the laws of originality and individuality that are the base of the universe. Universe is my biggest inspiration. I call it An Imperfect Perfection.

That’s what my art is about. Somehow, I managed to be called a creative person in my late teens and had several solo exhibitions, private shows and group shows, some successful some otherwise but it got me to the place where my work was commissioned by many valuable clients and organisations globally.

Honestly, it’s been an ongoing journey on a rollercoaster and doesn’t seem like slowing down. My pseudo-artistic achievements can be viewed on my social media profiles and site. Ciao!

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