Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers

I grew up in Elmswell, just outside Bury St Edmunds and have been experimenting artistically throughout my life. I have, and continue to, attend classes and workshops run by local artists, enabling me to hone my skills and develop individual style. In the past I have produced commissioned portraits, however more recently I have discovered a love for working in a more intuitive and expressive manner. I now live in Norfolk where I work as a nurse at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.

When not on shift, my time is spent in a small studio working predominantly in oils. Having a creative outlet allows me a sense of peace and tranquility outside of my hectic work life. The colour palettes I am drawn towards tend to reflect those of the natural world. This is heavily influenced by my surroundings which include the Broadland forests and the north Norfolk coast.

My large oil paintings feature streaks of gold leaf; defining them as luxury homeware pieces. The layered earthy tones complement a neutral interior, whilst the gold accents make a decadent statement. I choose to work in oils as this allows me the freedom to layer and scrape into the canvas, developing unique marks and textures each time I paint. I hope my paintings bring you a sense of calm relaxation, as they do for me when creating them.

Elmswell, Bury St Edmunds.

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