Gabrielle Stoddart

Gabrielle Stoddart studied illustration and painting at Brighton Art College acquiring a degree NDD.

She moved to London in the 60’s where she freelanced as a fashion artist for adverting, magazines and hew print. After collaborating with her husband to illustrate a children’s picture book this lead to widening her possibility for more illustrated books. Joining an agency give her more scope for her paintings and she followed this period by acquiring a Teaching Degree ATC.

Says Gabrielle “It is both a thrill and a challenge to be faced with a blank white canvas. Much of my work still starts with the use of black ink which I lay on in a free flowing form or line. It is a statement to myself and a process of thought and feeling whether the painting becomes abstract or has a particular subject The ink marks can be entirely obliterated by added colour.”

Gabrielle is currently showing a series of works on Climate Change.

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