Mita Higton

Mita Higton

Mita Higton IEA is a watercolour and mixed media artist who was born and brought up in India. The vibrancy and colour of every facet of life in that continent has shaped and formed her art. She came to painting late in life, never having picked up a paintbrush until she was 40. She is primarily self-taught, which has allowed her to find her own way.

She paints impressionistic, colourful and atmospheric images. Her individual style has evolved through experimentation and now her work is a combination of several media, although primarily watercolour, overlaid with acrylic ink, gouache and pen. The unpredictability of using large quantities of watercolour and inks leads to exciting and often unexpected outcomes. In addition, she is excited by the effects she can achieve by the addition of found objects, such as grasses, wild flowers, fabric, collage etc to her paintings.

She is inspired by the vistas of the East Anglian landscape where she lives, viewed through the framework of grasses and wild-flower meadows that abound throughout the year.

Mita is a full member of the IEA (Institute of East Anglia Artists) and a member of the SEAW (Society of East Anglian Watercolourists).

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