Sophy Day

Sophy Day

I trained in Decorative and Fine Arts in London during the 1980s. I then went on to specialise in mural work and in particular trompe l’oeil. Having lived in various locations worldwide I used to sell photographs through agency’s prior to digitalisation as well as keeping painting sketchbooks, occasionally exhibiting and continuing to work on surface design. Bright sunshine also lent itself to my colourful subject matter and my leaning towards this now!

Moving on from mural and decorative interior work , I began with simple botanical illustration and have felt the progression into new areas of colour and techniques with the mediums I am presently using.

When I look at my inspirational matter, I am drawn to detail – I see shapes, patterns and contrasts emerging through the undergrowth. They appear quite often in their negative forms or layers of grounds from back to fore and sometimes as a flat jigsaw in my mind.

My subject matters are therefore mostly always found from plant landscapes and nature, the ingenuity of their forms being a continual source of inspiration for me. Bold outlines are a perfect structural base for an exploration into the myriad of colours to be found and heightened by different light sources.

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