Susan Lynda Taylor

I love every aspect of art in it’s many forms and believe in eating and living as organically as possible. We need to take care of our planet and each other.

I hate Plastic. I love colour and texture. I love the beauty of nature and believe colours affect our feelings and mood and has the ability to lift us.

History is fascinating as is the prehistoric world and fossils in particular fascinate me. Fossils can be difficult and heavy to display and I had an idea to try and replicate some with texture and a mixture of mediums. I usually do these on canvas but have recently experimented on canvas sheets and then mounted them behind glass which is very effective and interesting.

When I paint I want to create beauty. I want to look at a something and not just glance but to be able to go back and look again and again and see new things and beauty that I had not noticed before.

I do hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them. As human beings we can never ever hope to compete with our Creator but we can look for Art available direct from Artist Studio – to visit email me. I have art at present at two galleries.

inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us and lose ourselves in it for a little while. Never forget to smell the dew on the grass and live in the now.

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