Mark Dresh

Mark Dresh

I studied graphics for 4 years at Watford College of Art and subsequently pursued a career in graphic design. After re-locating from London to Suffolk in 2018 the vastness of the open countryside and the constantly changing colour and light inspired him to begin painting the landscape.

My art is created with unique hand-made brushes fashioned from twigs, stalks and anything I can harvest that represents the landscape that I am painting. In a way its the landscape used to paint the landscape and the brush becomes an integral part of the story, so the brush is sold as integral part of the artwork and should be displayed with the painting.

With my hand-made brushes it creates unpredictability which is expressed by the spontaneous scratching, dragging and dabbing of the paint as the brush dances with energy on the surface as I strive to capture the sensitivity, drama and mood of a place that I want the viewer to feel connected to. The natural colours must feel bonded together through unifying colours of shifting light creating a spirit of optimism.

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